MCWAG Public Meeting     Thursday  July 30th    6.30 for 7.00pm

      Taree Uniting Church Hall, Albert Street, Taree





The Gloucester Project was set up develop an alternative economic model to the fossil fuel economy being promoted by governments on behalf of coal and CSG corporations. Over half a decade, TGP has won awards and government funding for aspects of its regional economic development model. TGP has demonstrated aspects of its program at its well known Tucker Patch Demonstration Horticultural Farm in Gloucester.

Because it has now been recognised as offering a viable socio-economic alternative to the heavily promoted fossil fuel economy, governments have now ceased funding TGP’s further development.

Last year TGP’s president, Ken Johnson, gave a presentation at the Australian Regional Development Conference. It it he showed how TGP’s economic development model related to the economic needs of Gloucester and NSW North Coast regions. This is not just to provide a better alternative to the proposed CSG invasion, but to prepare us and our state for the massive changes predicted by climate and other economic projections. He has been invited to make a further report to this year’s Australian Regional Development Conference.

At MCWAG’s meeting on Thursday 30th July, Ken and Marnie Johnson will be describing TGP’s program. They will also be describing how TGP’s program can assist to counter current plans to turn our regions into sacrifice zones for the fossil fuel corporations. They will be presenting the position that Gloucester and the NSW North Coast are not only justified in defending their regions from the fossil fuel industry’s destructive processes, but that our regions are vitally needed to develop our food production and distribution capacity as climatic and economic conditions damage more seriously affected regions.

The discussion will range from information about TGP’s model, the additional strategies that will become available to us, and the new allies that can be brought into the fight.

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