About Us

Principal Objects of Manning Clean Water Action Group Inc.

The principal objects of the association are:-

  1. To prevent inappropriate mining of fossil fuels and minerals and any related mining activity that may have a negative impact in Australia, with a specific focus on the Manning Valley area of New South Wales, so as to protect:
    • the natural ground and surface water systems, marine environment, bushlands, wetlands and wildlife;
    • agricultural, horticultural and grazing lands and associated pastoral resources; and
    • culturally significant areas including areas associated with Indigenous heritage.
  2. To engage and educate the community generally about the impact of uncontrolled or inappropriate mining development and practices, including the hydraulic fracturing of coal seams or beds to facilitate the extraction of methane, which may affect the natural environment and farming lands.
  3. To empower the community to demand sustainable solutions for energy production with a focus on promoting the development of perennial energy systems (“renewable energy”) such as those that tap solar, wind or tidal power and to promote the potential of social, economic and environmental benefits of them.
  4. To protect communities, with specific focus on the Manning Valley area of New South Wales, from adverse social and economic impacts of mining of fossil fuels and minerals and related activities.

Corollary Objects

In pursuing the aforesaid objects the association:-

• shall be committed to the precautionary principle and the principle of intergenerational equity; and

• may join, coalesce or collaborate with or support other organisations which share the same or similar objects.

The Association operates under the rules in the Model Constitution found at Schedule 1 to the Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016.

Our Patron: Sharyn Munro
author, Rich Land – Wasteland

“I am talking of an invasion of our country, a taking over of land and a clearing out of people, and I mean this literally”.