Please support us by becoming a member of Manning Clean Water Action Group Inc.

As a financial member you will be:
• entitled to have a say on decisions of the association
• entitled to nominate and vote for the people you want to manage and lead the association
• eligible to be a committee member.

Your regular annual subscription (now reduced to $10 per annum) will enable the association to cover the cost of basic administration including annual statutory fees, public liability insurance, post office box rental, hall hire and publicity.

Joining fee (including your annual subscription):

$15 if you join between 1 July and 30 December (1st half of the financial year)

$10 if you join between 1 January and 30 June (2nd half of the financial year)

This fee covers your membership up to 30 June then an annual fee of $10 applies.

A Membership form is available here.


Our Patron: Sharyn Munro
author,  Rich Land – Wasteland

“I am talking of an invasion of our country, a taking over of land and a clearing out of people, and I mean this literally”.

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