Join us this Saturday 9th May – Gloucester Walk & Workshop



Join us this Saturday 9th May – Gloucester Walk & Workshop

Time for our next town Walk this Saturday followed by our Gasfield Free Mid North Coast Workshop. You are invited to attend both. See below for more information about the Workshop.


Gasfield Free Workshop

Following the town Walk there will be a Gasfield Free Mid North Coast (GFMNC) working group catch up. Anyone who has been involved in the campaign to stop Coal Seam Gas (or would like to get involved) is invited to the GFMNC, especially participants from the walk.

The session will be held at the Anglican Church hall, 66 Hume Street, from 11.30am – 1.30pm. Please bring your own lunch or something to share if you can and lots of ideas to contribute and develop for our future.

This gathering follows on from a very successful initial meeting and following catch up in Taree. The program will begin with a round table introduction to get to know each other and share information about who has done what and how to collaborate on ideas for future activities.

Gasfield Free Mid North Coast is working to establish action (Seed) Groups in communities throughout the Mid North Coast to form working relationships, share ideas and initiate actions as we strive for a CSG free future.

Lunch break will be followed by workshops such as:

▪ What is the Gasfield Free process and how can you get involved
▪ Establishing a seed group in your area, how to hold a film night
▪ Planning for and conducting a Community survey in your patch
▪ Mapping the assets in your community
▪ Plus others…

Groundswell Gloucester Team

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