Take Action


There are lots of things you can do to take action on Coal Seam Gas; Some of them only take a couple of minutes, and they might even save you money!

AGL are debating the fate of the Gloucester project. We have six months to convince them it’s not worth going ahead. You can sign a petition telling AGL to shut down coal seam gas in Gloucester.


A whopping 90% of us in NSW do business with the big three energy providers who are all heavily invested in dirty power: EnergyAustralia, Origin and AGL. They are all dirty power companies, despite their attempts to portray a clean, green image to their customers. Worse still, they’re using that huge market influence to try to weaken Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, the policy that drives investment and jobs in the clean energy we so urgently need. At the same time, they’re pushing for the expansion of Coal Seam Gas (fracking) in the face of strong community opposition.
Fortunately, we all have a choice about who we buy our power from. Ready to tell the Dirty Three Energy companies to frack off?   Click here to join Better Power: a new consumer and citizen power campaign to switch Australia to renewable-backed power.


You can keep the pressure on our politicians by contacting your state MP and telling them you do not support the long term damage CSG is doing to our land and water for short term commercial gains.